Know Your Property

Know Your Property

Familiarize yourself with crucial information about your property, such as property taxes, zoning, lot size, and square footage. Review the terms of your existing loan.

Research Market

Research Market

What is the selling price for properties similar to yours in the market? What are the terms of these sales? Which property disclosure laws are relevant and need to be taken into account?

Set The Price

Set The Price

Once you know the specifics about your home and have checked out what similar properties in your area are selling for, set a realistic price.

Conduct a "Walk-Through" of Your Property

Conduct a "Walk-Through" of Your Property

Assess your property from the perspective of both prospective buyers and inspectors. Make a note of any items that need repair or replacement, such as the condition of appliances or the roof.


Is it necessary to apply a fresh coat of paint (either due to visibly cracked or faded paint or an unusual color choice that may deter potential buyers)?

If the property features a yard, is the lawn and landscaping aesthetically pleasing and well-maintained?

Are the doors and windows in good condition and visually appealing?

Are the roof and gutters in good condition? Are the lawn and hedges neatly trimmed, and are fallen leaves swept away?

Have all toys and outdoor equipment such as bikes and scooters been stored away?


Is the condition of the interior paints and finishes satisfactory, with recent updates or a fresh appearance? This is an area where a small investment can have a significant impact on the saleability of your home.

Do the appliances function correctly, and are they relatively new?

Are the plumbing and electrical systems in good working condition and functional?

Are the carpets and other floor coverings in good condition and clean? Do they enhance the appearance of the house?

Are the sealants around sinks, showers, tubs, and windows in good condition?

Are all the light fixtures in good working order and properly illuminating each room? Adequate lighting is essential.



  • What is driving your decision to sell your property? 
  • What is your desired timeline for the move?
  • Where are you relocating to? 
  • What aspects of the sale are most important to you?

Strategic Planning for Your Home

  • Outline Key Features and Benefits of Your Property 
  • Identify Unique Selling Points Based on Comp Properties on the Market 
  • Evaluate Key Differentiators Based on Active Inventory

Understand the Market

  • Overview of Market Dynamics: Macro and Micro 
  • Analysis of Market Forces: Supply and Demand 
  • Review of Active, Pending, and Sold Transactions 
  • Consideration of Personal Timing and Seasonal Factors


Finalize Documentation and Contractual Agreements

  • Complete Necessary Property Improvements 
  • Collaborate with a Professional Staging Consultant 
  • Enlist the Help of a Skilled Photographer and Media Specialist 
  • Schedule a Meeting with a Trusted Advisor 
  • Establish a Launch Timeline

Marketing Preparations

  • Develop Property Launch Collateral Implement Traditional 
  • Advertising Techniques 
  • Create a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Plan 
  • Craft a Strategic Social Media Marketing Strategy 
  • Expose Property to Broker Networks 
  • Implement Effective Showing Strategies 
  • Employ Cross Marketing Strategies 


Launch Marketing Plan

  • Establishing a Strong Perception of Value 
  • Attract and Pre-Qualifying Prospective Buyers 
  • Ensure Safe Property Showings 
  • Track and Monitor Buyer Interest 
  • Provide Weekly Reports, Updates, and Communication Strategies to Adapt to Market Shifts

Negotiation Strategies

  • Acquire Written Offers from Interested Buyers 
  • Assess and Analyzing the Merits of Each Offer Strategically 
  • Respond to Offers Negotiate to Achieve Optimal Price and Terms
  • Develop Multiple Offer and Back-Up Offer Strategies



  • Finalize he Property Transaction 
  • Complete Necessary Documentation 
  • Closing Procedures and Celebrations

Working Together in the Future

  • Maintain Communication & keeping you updated
  • Assist with Second Homes and Investment Properties 
  • Provide Valuable Resources and Guidance 
  • Provide Feedback, Testimonials, and Referrals