Pre Qualification

Sellers are often more receptive to individuals who have been pre-approved for a mortgage. By pursuing pre-approval, home buyers are able to avoid the disappointment of pursuing properties that fall outside their financial means. Pre-approval involves a buyer formally applying for a mortgage and receiving a written commitment from a lender.

This provides assurance to the seller that the buyer is a serious contender for the property, assuming the home's cost aligns with the pre-approved amount. The expenses associated with pre-approval are typically minimal, and lenders may even permit payment to be deferred until the loan is closed.

List of Wants and Needs

Consider creating two separate lists. The first should outline essential criteria, such as the number of bedrooms needed  to accommodate your family size, or a single-story property if accessibility is a concern. The second list can include your wish list - features that are not necessarily essential but are desired, such as a swimming pool or a den.

As a  buyer, it is important to keep in mind that it may be challenging to find a property that includes everything on your wish list. However, creating these lists can help to prioritize your search and guide you towards properties that align with your desires and requirements.

Strength in Numbers

With nearly $150 million in sales over the past four years, Jack has established himself as leading professional in the luxury residential market. His extensive network and ties to legacy international resort properties throughout the United States and beyond have enabled him to achieve unparalleled success.

Backed by their brokerage's reputation as a lpowerhouse, Legacy Sedona's team of experts provides the best service possible to every client. Their commitment to excellence, industry knowledge, and drive set them apart as leaders in the industry.



  • Define your motivation for purchasing a property 
  • Determine your price range 
  • Establish your timeline for moving 
  • Identify your must-have features and deal breakers 
  • Consider your desired neighborhood

Preparation and Planning

  • Discuss the buying process and objectives with your Realtor® 
  • Obtain a loan approval letter 
  • Sign an exclusive buyer-broker agreement with your Realtor® 
  • Research your target neighborhood with your Realtor® 

Understanding the Market

  • Analyze active, pending, and sold transactions 
  • Review contracts and timelines 
  • Consider personal timing and seasonal factors 
  • Evaluate market including supply and demand, economic conditions 
  • Develop a Profile-Based Buyer Attraction Strategy 


The Search

  • Search  online listings with your Realtor® 
  • Receive notifications for new and off-market properties 
  • Virtually tour listings from the comfort of your own home 
  • Select your desired location and home 

Negotiation Strategies and Offers

  • Familiarize yourself with the Purchase Contract with the help of your Realtor® 
  • Discuss multiple offer strategies, if necessary 
  • Craft and present your offer, emphasizing your unique buyer strategies 
  • Negotiate to maximize favorable pricing and terms 
  • Accept or counter offers accordingly.


Escrow Process

  • Inform escrow of acceptance and provide the fully executed contract 
  • Submit initial deposit to escrow according to the agreement's terms 
  • Notify your lender to initiate the loan process and schedule an appraisal 
  • Review and sign the opening package of escrow instructions
  • Contact your insurance agent to obtain homeowner coverage 
  • Provide escrow with vesting or title information

Inspection and Disclosures

  • Arrange for all desired home inspections, such as a home inspection
  • Approve or negotiate repairs based on the inspection reports 
  • Review and approve all required disclosures from the seller and the state 
  • Review and approve the preliminary title report 
  • Adhere to deadlines and remove contractual contingencies 
  • Schedule a final walk-through before the close of escrow.


Your New Home

  • Review the closing statement provided by escrow 
  • Arrange for a virtual meeting with escrow to sign loan documents 
  • Wire the down payment and closing costs as agreed 
  • Arrange to transfer utilities to the new location 
  • Closing, Key Delivery, and Celebration 
  • Complete a move-in checklist to ensure a smooth transition

Future Work

  • Stay in touch for continued support and information 
  • Consider second homes or investment properties with our help 
  • Utilize our resources and introductions for your benefit 
  • Provide referrals, testimonials, and reviews to help us serve others.